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Are Water Main Leaks Covered by Insurance?

For any homeowner, a water main break can be an absolute nightmare. These problems are most often seen in areas with outdated utilities. Any plumbing leak can cause significant damage to a building. Plumbing in these areas does not always meet current standards, so there is still a high risk of leaks.

Statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency show that there are about 240,000 water main breaks a year in the United States. If you’ve encountered this problem, or if home is in an older neighborhood, it’s only natural to ask: Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing? In this article, we will break it down in more detail and tell you a lot of helpful information.

Does traditional model of insurance covers plumbing breakdowns?

When it comes to plumbing coverage and breakage damage coverage, it’s essential to understand the cause. It is what the insurance coverage depends on. Numerous policies cover damage caused by a water leak. But in this situation, certain variations can also depend on the cause that caused the injury. More often than not, the source is far outside the physical confines of the building – in the common area. Therefore, some homeowners in the event of problems with the plumbing only after the disaster find out that their insurance does not cover such situations.

Here’s a prime example: if a tree root has grown into a utility system and burst it. You’re wondering if homeowners insurance covers water damage. It probably doesn’t. It’s simple here – if the break is in the water main located physically outside the building, the source is a local municipal system on state property. Its cause is external to the property and is not included in a simple homeowners’ insurance policy.

In any case, it is best to consult with a personal insurance agent about what Insurance covers water damage and what is not included in the policy. The professional will help you figure out if you need additional coverage to protect your property from various plumbing emergencies and other plumbing problems.

Pipe burst home insurance terms and conditions in details

A traditional water insurance often only covers water damage if the leak physically occurred inside the building. In addition, the insurance may contain clauses that it applies to:

  • disaster;
  • plumbing leaks;
  • if a neighbor’s pool overflows and damages the home;
  • property damage due to broken plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation equipment.

It will likely cover this damage if you have a burst water pipe in a home kitchen or bathroom.

Standard Insurance may additionally include backup water insurance. This water main cover is beneficial for many homeowners. For example, if a sewer line breaks and there is a sewage discharge inside the own home, the Insurance will cover this damage. It additionally includes restoration and living expenses.

Can I insure my home against a burst pipe and water damage to my property?

To avoid wondering if homeowners insurance covers water leaks, it’s best to take out a suitable policy immediately. Many companies allow you to insure your home against water damage. Flood insurance enables you to compensate for water damage outside your property. It can also include coverage for damage from burst water pipes.

If you live in a frequently flooded region, it is worth adding this item to your property insurance. You will need this ricks Insurance even if the home is not in an immediate risk area. Flooding could happen in any location, and at any time, so it’s best to be reinsured.

Also, note that insurance companies dictate different terms and charge different premiums. Be sure to research other policies before taking out one.

Professional Help for Water Piping Failure

Many wonders: does homeowners Insurance cover broken pipes under the slab and other damaged utilities? To avoid asking this and other questions, it’s best to be clear about the terms of your policy.

You can always ask if a slab leak is covered by Insurance and other details with your agent. Talking to the insurance company is the best way to ensure your Insurance is right, and the terms meet all your needs and home’s individual needs.

If you have suffered a plumbing break, however, a claim is filed through your agent. Every decent company should have a separate 24-hour hotline for victims to contact. A customer’s claim should be handled at any time or night. Also, once you reach your insurer, an expert will be sent to your home to assess the loss within 24 hours of filing the claim. The loss adjuster will examine the property and any evidence that will help determine the type of claim and prove that the company owes you coverage for the damage.

If the damage to a home is quite severe, and you cannot live in it in the future, it is worth pointing out to the company’s manager. Various policies provide coverage for alternative housing if the homeowner cannot live on their property. Check with the insurance agent to find out the details and negotiate a better insurance offer.

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