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Riser and Zone Valves Replacement

Riser valves are a critical part of any hydronic system, especially during emergencies. If you have any kind of flood situation, you want to isolate the water supply as soon as possible. At the same time, you want to affect the least number of residents as possible. This is just one reason why riser valves are critically important. 

When you shut the riser valves, you isolate the water supply to a minimal number of residents.  Everybody else will not be affected by flooding. If the riser valves do not hold, then more massive shutdowns might be required to isolate the leak.

Sometimes complete building shut down is required if the riser or zone valves are not holding. To avoid this situation, riser valves should be checked regularly. They should be replaced if they are not operational. POM Plumbing Inc. provides complete service from inspection to full riser valves replacement. Contact us today.

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