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Dental and Medical Offices Plumbing

Plumbing for medical and dental offices

There are serious requirements for the plumbing of medical and dental offices. Every clinic requires toilets, sinks, showers, and a drainage system. In the dental office, the water must be of high quality. Therefore, to meet all plumbing requirements for medical offices, you need to use the help of professionals who know how to properly and quickly perform the necessary work.

POM Plumbing Inc provides quality plumbing for clinics and has experienced craftsmen on staff to help with its installation. With us, you’ll get your office up and running in a short time, and thanks to our affordable services, you’ll save your budget.

The team employs licensed technicians capable of performing plumbing work of varying complexity. 

Engineering communications

To ensure that your dental plumbing is connected properly the work is carried out in several stages:

  1. Air is piped to the site where the compressor is installed.
  2. We make the water supply to the sink, the dental equipment, and the valve installation to shut it off.
  3. The vacuum line is laid at the place where the vacuum pump is installed.
  4. When installing the drainage system, the pipes are laid with a slope.

To equip your office, you also need medical gas plumbing, the connection of the monitor, computer, and other equipment.

All communication systems are wired in the area of the dentist’s chair base or in the place of the connection box. We use pipes of different diameters according to the established requirements for the system installation. The pipes are laid 5 cm above the floor covering level, and the power supply is provided by a euro socket with obligatory earthing.

Why do I need dental plumbing?

Hygiene and disinfection of instruments play a significant role in the clinic. Therefore, dental office plumbing should work flawlessly. After each patient, the doctor not only washes his hands, but also cleans all surfaces with special decontaminating agents. Thus, the office must have water and a sink.

Our craftsmen will help you to equip your medical and dental office properly. And by signing a contract with the company for the communication system maintenance, you will not have to worry about their performance.

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