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Replacement and repair of Kitec pipes

Kitec multilayer pipes were actively used about 20 years ago. But due to their wear and tear, problems in the water supply system are observed today. Often leaking kitec piping leads to road flooding, houses, and even an overflow. They were used in low-rise and high-rise buildings mostly. A frequent cause of the flooding of neighbors from downstairs is a leaky riser. So a complete kitec plumbing replacement is relevant. Insurance companies, paying compensation, do not cover the cost of expensive repairs. It leads to the fact that the owner of the apartment where the leak occurred has to pay extra for the damage caused. It is cheaper to replace the piping system.

Our company provides a wide range of services for the elimination of kitec plumbing issues, from drawings to the installation of pipes. We work with almost all construction companies and provide services to individuals. You can choose any type of pipe, focusing on your budget. Our specialists will carry out pipe riser repair accurately and quickly, providing a guarantee for the services done. Turning to us, you get:

  1. Execution of work in strictly defined terms.
  2. Quick arrival of the master.
  3. Call an engineer and inspector to check the performance of the pipeline.
  4. Guarantees on the work done.

Of course, there can be some changes, such as creating a new opening, old niches removal, and installation and dismantling of communications.

You can make a call for a kitec plumbing appointment by phone or by using a simple form on the company’s website. After processing the application, our master will contact you to clarify the day and time of arrival. If material damage occurs during the work, we will compensate for it.

Professional replacement of old pipes is a reality. You will not have to clean up after our specialists. The work is done neatly. We leave a functioning bathroom for the duration of the work, which prevents inconvenience. The average time for pipe replacement work takes up to five days and depends on the complexity of the work to be done.

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