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Your kitchen stack is a sanitary/sewage pipe that collects dirty water from the dishwasher and kitchen sink. It sends wastewater to the main drain of the building. This water empties to the city sewage system. However, grease build-up will cause serious issues.

Dumped greasy water in the kitchen sink will cool and harden over time. The building will grow along the pipe walls within seconds. The solid and sticky grease makes the pipe opening smaller and smaller over time. 

Eventually, the grease build-up grows so much that wastewater cannot drain. At this point, you will get a severe kitchen sink back-up (or sanitary back-up). Because the sanitary stack opening is sealed by accumulated grease water, the wastewater cannot escape. Instead, the sewage accumulates inside the pipe. The level rises until it reaches the top of your kitchen sink.

When the wastewater rises, dirty smell sewage rises through your dishwasher and might overflow on the floor. This results in severe damage to your apartment. The sewage might destroy your neighbors’ apartments below, as well. Avoid this terrible nightmare by calling POM Plumbing Inc. Our seasoned team provides preventative maintenance to prevent sewage overflow due to grease build-up.
Our seasoned professionals will snake your kitchen stack and de-clog any drains. We will ensure there is a minimal opening for the water to drain. The technicians will use a unique professional-grade machine that uses metal springs to clear out any blockage. After snaking is complete,

After snaking is done, we ensure the kitchen stack has a minimal opening inside for draining water. Then our professional technicians bring professional-grade powerwash equipment to cut the grease. Our professional powerwash equipment runs will run large amounts of hot water at 3000PSI. This pressure will clear out any grease clogging your sanitary pipes. Return your pipes to “new” condition. After power washing, we will inspect the pipe with a camera to ensure that the pipe is clear. Don’t worry about clogs again. Use your dishwasher and kitchen sink safely without worrying about sewage overflow. Call our trusted POM Plumbing Inc. team today to find out more.

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