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Backwater Valve Installation in Toronto

backwater valve installation outside

Installation of a Backwater Valve

Check valve protects buildings from stagnant water from sewage and wastewater pipes.

For some types of buildings, the presence of such elements is mandatory. In high-rise buildings, backwater valve installation helps protect the apartment from flooding.

For example, if there was a clog in the house, you do not know about it at once, and the tenants will continue to use the sewer.

As a result, the sewage will come out on the lower floor. To prevent this situation, you should mount a detail.

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Principle of operation backwater valve

During operation, the valve opens and closes under water pressure. With the flow from above, the element opens and closes from below. Therefore, the backwater valve installation detail does not allow wastewater to rise back up in the pipe.

The device unit is made of plastic or metal. There are two spigots – receiving and releasing inside the element. There is a shutoff valve inside the valve, which closes the water in case of a breakthrough. Mainline backwater valve installation is carried out in any position. The main thing is that the arrow coincides with the flow of wastewater.

Backwater Valve installation in Toronto: Why It Is Matter to Work with Proffessionals

Backwater valve installation is a critical process for homeowners in Toronto who want to protect their properties from water damage caused by sewer backups. When there is heavy rainfall or a surge in the municipal sewer system, water can flow back into a home’s plumbing and sewer lines, causing significant damage to the property. A backwater valve is a device that prevents water from flowing back into a home’s plumbing and sewer lines by blocking the flow of water in the opposite direction.

Here are the steps involved in backwater valve installation in Toronto:

  1. Assessment: The first step in backwater valve installation is assessing the plumbing and sewer system of the property. A licensed plumber will assess the size and type of pipes, the location of the sewer line, and the plumbing fixtures in the home to determine the best location for the backwater valve.

  2. Permitting: In Toronto, a plumbing permit is required for backwater valve installation. The licensed plumber will obtain the necessary permit from the city before proceeding with the installation.

  3. Excavation: The plumber will excavate the area around the main sewer line to access the pipes. The excavation will be done carefully to prevent damage to the surrounding landscape and property.

  4. Installation: The backwater valve will be installed into the main sewer line. The valve will be placed in a way that allows water to flow out of the home but prevents water from flowing back in.

  5. Connection: The plumber will connect the backwater valve to the home’s plumbing and sewer system, ensuring that the valve is properly aligned and sealed.

  6. Testing: Once the installation is complete, the plumber will test the backwater valve to ensure that it is functioning correctly. This involves running water through the home’s plumbing and sewer system to check that the valve is blocking water flow in the opposite direction.

Backwater valve installation is an effective way to protect properties in Toronto from water damage caused by sewer backups. By taking these steps, homeowners can prevent costly repairs and keep their homes safe and dry during heavy rainfall and sewer surges.

FAQ about backwater valve installation

The POM Group specializes in mainline backwater valve installation services in Toronto.

To inquire about backwater valve installation, you can contact the POM Group through their website or call their dedicated helpline.

Yes, the POM Group is a reliable and trusted provider for mainline backwater valve installation in Toronto, ensuring high-quality services.

Mainline backwater valve installation is crucial for preventing sewage backups and protecting homes from potential water damage in Toronto’s backwater-prone areas.

Prior to scheduling, homeowners should ensure easy access to the installation area and provide necessary information about the property to facilitate a smooth backwater valve installation process with the POM Group.

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I would like to say thank you to POM Group for responding so quick to our problem.

Lidia Pasnik

We are pleased to place the first review for the POM Group! We were doing a big project in our house involving basement waterproofing, installation of sump pump and also installation of back water valve on our main line as our neighbors were suffered from sewer back up several years ago and wanted to make sure that our house is protected from all of these disasters. We were asking multiple companies to come to our house and investigate what would be the best solutions for our particular case. When POM Group representative arrived the filling that finally right person is here appeared from very first moment

Adam Ross

POM was prompt, courteous and thorough. We would recommend to anyone. We had a backwater valve installed. I called Sunday, got a quote Monday, has the work done the following Monday (including issuing of building permit).

Trisha Grant

When is it necessary to install a backwater valve?

price of installing a backwater valve
Every year the climate changes not for the better. In some areas, it gets drier, and in others, it rains. Sewer main drains become clogged with debris, and storm drains fail to do their job. Utilities, for a variety of reasons, do not have time to clean the drains. You can protect your property by installing a special valve.

Water comes to the bottom point: the basement, garage, or cellar. You require the installation of a valve to prevent waterlogging. A trench of up to 3 feet is dug to install the element. Our company’s specialists can help remedy the situation if the valve has not been installed.

Flooding often occurs after heavy precipitation and melting snow, as the system fails to cope with the water diversion. To remedy the situation will help with backwater valve installation outside, preventing the reverse flow of the liquid.

You should note that insurance companies do not cover damage from flooding sewage, so you should think about your home safety. The valve can be installed on all types of buildings.

You can order check valve installation services from POM Plumbing Inc by phone or online. The team consists of professional technicians who can handle the task regardless of the complexity of the construction backwater valve installation Toronto.

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