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Camera Inspection and Locating of Broken Pipes

Detecting and repairing broken pipes

The water supply of the house plays a significant role in the life of modern man. When installing plumbing, its location is carefully planned, making a distribution of pipes and nodes to drain. The system’s longevity depends on the scheme’s correctness and the quality of the material. Over time, there can be various breakdowns in the form of reduced head, leaks, and clogged pipes. Of course, you can try to solve the problem yourself, spending effort and nerves. But, we recommend contacting the company POM Plumbing, which employs professionals. In the arsenal of plumbers, there is a camera locating of broken pipes which gives an opportunity to find the leak in a hidden plumbing system and save money after taking apart the covering under which the pipes are laid.

How is the system diagnosed?

To keep your water system running smoothly, you should have it serviced on time by detecting faults. To do this, you should sign a contract with a company, and a master will carry out the diagnostics at a certain time. To cope with the task camera inspection of drains will help him find even a barely noticeable leak.

Clean the drain of clogs. If the problem with the water supply is a clump of hair and food stuck in the drain, it will be solved quickly. Otherwise, a plumber uses the camera to determine the problem and may need to replace the pipe.

The tiny drain inspection camera is designed to inspect all pipe diameters. When a problem is detected, it makes a sound, telling the technician about the leak. If the hole is underground, the plumber determines the depth of the pipes and takes on the job having previously stipulated all the nuances with the client.

How to contact us?

It is enough to leave an application on the company’s website to contact us. After its processing, the master calls the client and arranges an appointment. He always has a camera for drain inspection. This tool allows you to quickly identify the problem and eliminate it. Therefore, the plumber’s team works quickly and qualitatively, providing customers with guarantees for the services provided.

You can specify the cost of the work from the managers. But the remaining price is determined by a specialist after the inspection of the object. If you have a problem with the water supply, do not rush to solve it yourself, you should ask for help from professionals. We work with legal entities and individuals and are always ready for long-term cooperation.

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