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Installing an Outdoor Faucet or Spigot

Installing an Outdoor Faucet or Spigot

Most homeowners need an outdoor faucet or spigot of some variety. The question is, how do you go about getting one of those if your home is lacking? The good news is, you’ve come to the right place. POM Plumbing is Toronto’s favorite local plumbing crew and we can help you with your outdoor plumbing as soon as you call us. Here’s how we can help with installing an outdoor faucet or spigot.

Choosing a Water Source

The first step to installing an outdoor faucet or spigot is choosing a water source to take from. If you have no outdoor faucet already, we’ll have to branch off from an existing water source. This can be done from most areas of the house. It’s no different than adding a new bathroom or remodeling your kitchen and moving the sink.

The only limitation is that we need to make sure that whatever source we take from isn’t going to have poor water pressure if the sprinklers turn on. When you give us a call, one or more of our crew members will come out to your home and do some looking around. Then they can give you more information specific to your home and provide you with an estimate.

Installation Location

The installation location is almost entirely up to you. When we’ve figure out the possible water sources, all that’s required to run it to the desired location is some pipe. If you want a faucet attached to the side of your house, that’s an easy addition. However, some people prefer installing an outdoor spigot out in the yard, especially if their yard is large and they need to connect a sprinkler system to it. In these cases, we’ll simply dig a small trench and lay piping out to the desired installation spot.

Faucet Purpose

For some, installing an outdoor faucet or spigot is primarily for recreational purposes. In these cases, putting a faucet on the side of your house is usually best. This allows less piping and also allows you to store any attached hose right up against the house, protecting it and any storage box from unnecessary weathering.

Faucets that are primarily for recreational use can be used to fill buckets, watering cans, water balloons, and more. You can also attach a hose which can then be used to fill swimming pools, can be attached to a children’s sprinkler, or used to spray each other directly.

Spigots that are primarily for gardening use are better placed at a distance, close to where they’ll be in use. These come in multiple styles, but a favorite is an upright spigot with a faucet on either side. One can be used for a hose and sprinkler and the other for washing hands or filling watering cans.

Call Us Today

If you want help installing an outdoor faucet or spigot before summer comes around, call us today. We can get you scheduled for a visit in spring when the ground has thawed and summer heat hasn’t arrived. This will give you plenty of time to start your gardening and plan ahead for summer activities with the family.

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