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The Pros of Open Concept Showers

The Pros of Open Concept Showers

Open concept homes are a huge thing right now. They’ve taken hold of us over the past decade and haven’t quite let go. Why is that? Well, because being able to move freely and see easily from one end of the home to the other is quite nice. It feels like the home is all one space, rather than a collection of separate ones. One thing people love about open concept homes are their open concept showers. Before you take the leap to have an open concept shower installed, let’s make sure they’re right for you. To see if they are, we’ll look at the pros and cons of open concept showers.

Let’s start by looking at the pros of open concept showers. You can see the cons in our next article.

Room to Move

The first benefit of open concept showers is the additional room to move. An open concept shower is typically placed in a corner with only one, or even no, glass divider. That means you’re not so closed in. That gives you a lot of room to move around while showering. As long as you’re not splashing water outside of the tile zone, you can move as much as you wish. 

This lack of crowding is especially great for couples who enjoy showering together. You and your partner can easily fit together in an open concept shower. There’s no need to shuffle carefully past each other or take turns under the water. A rain-type showerhead that’s installed on the ceiling will make showering with a partner even easier, as one person won’t be blocking water coming from one side.

Easy Plumbing Access

This additional room to move also makes an open concept shower easier for plumbers to access. If you get a clogged drain or need faucet or showerhead repairs, we can access the drain or faucet with ease.

No Curtain

Shower curtains are one of the most hated parts of showers. They often collect mold, then require replacement. Moreover, they frequently will blow up against the person showering. Therefore, the lack of curtain involved in open concept showers is an A+ in our book.


With no opaque curtain or fogged glass, visibility is much better. While there isn’t necessarily a practical reason for needing to see outside of the shower, there are plenty of comfort related ones. Being able to see a larger space means feeling less cramped. Even with glass enclosures, there is the feeling of being closed in, which isn’t pleasant to many people.

Better Lighting

And, last but not least, an open concept shower brings better lighting with it. In a shower with an opaque curtain or a fabric outer curtain, there is very poor lighting. Most showers don’t have lights directly above them, so you’re forced to make do with what comes in over the curtain. This can make for a very dim showering experience. Without barriers, you can take in whatever light the surrounding room has to offer.

What Are the Cons?

Now that you know the pros, you might be wondering, “What are the cons of open concept showers?” We’ve got a list of cons as well, so you can make an informed decision before deciding if open concept showers are right for you.

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