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Cold and hot water pressure repair

The water supply system throughout the country works the same way. The cold water comes from the city into the pipeline distribution system, passing through the boiler. It is heated and then runs hot from the tap. Pressure is created so that the head of the jet is balanced. A mixer is provided to regulate the temperature of the head, in which hot water flows through one pipe and cold water through the other.

If there is a low water pressure issue, you need to call a specialist, because the pressure problem can be a clogged pipe, a burst pipe, or equipment failure. To notice problems in the system is not difficult:

  • From the faucet comes only hot or cold stream.
  • Variations in water temperature are observed.
  • The tank of a toilet bowl is filled with boiling water.
  • Low water pressure after plumbing repair.
  • There is only cold running from the faucet.

Problems with water pressure can be of a different nature, so it is necessary to contact professionals. Our company conducts water pressure investigations, eliminates the cause of the failure, and conducts diagnostics of the entire system. The team consists of professionals capable of solving the most complex problems. After receiving the request, the master will come to the address the same day and resume the water supply. If you need water pressure regulator repair, pipe diagnostics, heater repair, or pipe cleaning, contact our company now!

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