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When Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

When Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

Most homes have a water heater of some kind, but most people don’t know much about them. The main thing that makes most people remember their water heater exists is the running out of hot water. However, if you’re a homeowner or beginning to have water issues, you may start asking the eternal question: When do you replace your water heater?


Let’s cut to the chase. If your water heater is 8-10 years old, you should consider replacing it. If it’s over 10 years old, you should almost definitely replace your water heater. Finally, if you’re even wondering about when it should be replaced, there’s a good chance things are going wrong already.

An appliance that turns off and on, runs all the time, and has such a heavy workload as the water heater must retire. Ten years of heating up water for showers every day – or sometimes multiple times a day – is a lot of work. If you have two people living in a home and showering about every day for ten years, your water heater has provided enough hot water for over 7000 showers! That doesn’t even include hot water for laundry, dishes, and washing up at the sink.

Rusty Tank or Water

If your water heater’s tank is rusty or the tank is dispensing rusty water, you need to replace it. If the rust is coming from hard water with iron in it, you should consider buying a water filter that softens water. Otherwise, the hard water will continue to destroy appliances that take water, such as your sink or a fridge with a dispenser. Plus, the rust will coat the inside of pipes, damaging their integrity and narrowing them. If you need home replumbing because of hard water damage, give us a call. We can come out and take a look, then give you an estimate.

If you don’t have hard water, rust could be a sign that the water heater has lost its internal coating and/or has some kind of crack that’s letting in air. Either could be dangerous and shouldn’t be ignored.


If your water heater is leaking, it is no longer airtight. That’s a huge safety concern, as it could mean pressure causing further damage, the water heater exploding, and more. Leaking is never something to ignore in a water heater. Have a professional replace it immediately.

Mysterious Noises

Mysterious noises in a water heater are never a good sign. Generally, your water heater should only make the kind of noises you expect, such as a hum. If there are any popping, klinking, dripping, or tapping noises, something is loose or damaged. Any damage in a water heater poses a serious safety risk.

Water Isn’t Getting Hot

If your water is no longer getting hot, your water heater has given up the ghost. Something vital broke completely. If your water heater is fairly new, you should check the warranty. You may be able to get a replacement or refund. However, if your warranty is no longer valid or the water heater is already reaching its age limit, opt for a replacement.

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