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Ingenious Bathroom Cleaning Solutions: The Toilet

Ingenious Bathroom Cleaning Solutions: The Toilet

If you’re tired of struggling to clean a dirty toilet, and just find it plain unpleasant, this is for you. Part of being plumbers is knowing the ins and outs of bathroom fixtures, including cleaning them. So, if you’re in need of some bathroom cleaning solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

Rubber Gloves

The first thing we want to stress to our readers is the value of using disposable gloves. For many, a large part of what makes toilet cleaning unpleasant is the tightrope of wiping down in corners without getting something gross on your hands. If you’re squeamish about waste, get a box of disposable gloves. They’re easy to store under the sink and you can throw them away when you’re done using them.

Eco Friendly Bathroom Cleaning Solutions

Even better is getting rubber gloves you can reuse. Thicker, more durable rubber gloves can be bought in most stores with cleaning supplies. When you’re done with them, simply wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap while still wearing them. Then, when you take them off, ensure they’re right side out and let them dry by the sink before storing them for the next cleaning session.

Soaking Cleaner

For the toilet bowl, instead of scrubbing until your arm is aching, get yourself a soaking toilet bowl cleaner. These usually come in a blue color, in bottles shaped to reach under the toilet rim. You simply untwist the top, flip it upside down, and squeeze lightly while rotating it under the edge of the toilet. The cleaner then runs from just under the rim, all the way down each side of the toilet bowl.

If you make this one of your first steps in the bathroom cleaning process, perhaps right after turning the water on to soak the bathtub, the grime in the toilet will be much more willing to come off by the time you begin scrubbing it. Plus, these cleaners don’t just make grime easier to remove, they sanitize the bowl.

Ditch the Wet Wipes

For the exterior of the toilet, many people use antibacterial wet wipes, such as those from Lysol. While these aren’t inherently bad for cleaning, they are not the easiest method. Here’s why:

  1. With no time to soak in anything, anything dried onto the outside of your toilet will require scrubbing. Wet wipes are not very thick or chemically powerful, which makes them mediocre, at best, when it comes to scrubbing.
  2. Because wet wipes are so damp, they’re hard to pick things up with. If you tend to get hair collecting on your toilet and you use wet wipes, you know what I mean. Trying to wipe up hairs ends up just moving them around. They don’t really like to stick to the wipes.
  3. Wet wipes are not biodegradable, which means more waste.

Foaming Spray

In terms of better bathroom cleaning solutions for the exterior of the toilet, using a foaming spray with paper towels is peak among them. Foaming sprays can be sprayed on at the start of your cleaning session and left to sit. They will loosen grime and sanitize the surface of the toilet. 

Once your foaming spray has had time to sit, use paper towels to wipe the toilet clean. Paper towels, because they’re dry and have a different texture than wipes, are better at picking up particulates. Things like hairs stick to paper towels better. Plus, they’re biodegradable, so throwing them out is guilt free.

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