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Ingenious Bathroom Cleaning Solutions: The Tub

Ingenious Bathroom Cleaning Solutions: The Tub

Most of us have a set way that we clean our bathrooms. It might be due to the way we were taught, growing up, or it might be something we’ve figured out for ourselves. Either way, it usually involves cleaners we’re familiar with and methods that are obvious. However, not all cleaning solutions are obvious. Let’s check out some ingenious bathroom cleaning solutions that will make your life easier.

Work Smarter

– not harder. As the saying goes, the most effective methods are not always the ones that involve more work. That distinction is important to many of us! Whether you’re disabled, have put too much stress on your body while cleaning in the past, or want to avoid doing so in the future, this list is for you. These methods may not be the fastest, but they will cut down on the amount of effort required.

Bathtub Cleaning

Cleaning a bathtub is one of the most physically demanding parts of cleaning a bathroom. This is especially true if you only do it every month or so, as needed. Bathtubs build up grime slowly. However, over time, you may notice mold, dirt buildup, or mineral buildup that requires extensive scrubbing. Even with chemical cleaners, this is hard work.

Soak It

To make this process easier, soak your tub the way you would soak dirty dishes with food stuck to them. Before cleaning, turn the hot water on to as hot as it can go and fill the tub. Then, let it sit for thirty minutes. This will only soak the tub as high as the overflow drain, but that can make all the difference.

Chemical Advantages

If you want to make this even more effective, pour in a cup of bleach before filling it. For bathtubs with mineral buildup, include half a cup of a concentrated mineral removal cleaner*. Ensure, before doing this, that the cleaner does not prohibit mixture with hot water on the label, as this could nullify its effectiveness or react. 

*Do no mix cleaners with bleach. Choose one or the other. Mixing chemicals, especially with bleach, can lead to hazardous and deadly chemical reactions. These reactions may be gas-producing, which may go unnoticed until it’s already affecting you.


Once your bathtub has soaked in hot water, with or without cleaners mixed in, pull the plug and let it drain. Be sure to wash your hands off immediately after unplugging the tub, if reaching into chemical water.

The hot water, and any included cleaners, will have softened any buildup on the inside of the tub, or removed some of it altogether. From there, immediately after draining, use the rough side of a sponge to scrub at the inside of the tub. Some cleaner (of the same type you already used, or if you didn’t use any) may be necessary. A quick once-over of the entire tub is wise, though you may only need to give focused attention to areas that are visibly dirty. These areas should be significantly easier to scrub clean than usual. Then, simply rinse your tub thoroughly with hot water to clear away any remaining chemicals.

Tub Maintenance

If your tub is in need of replacement or your drain is not draining, you may need a visit from the professionals. Cleaning is great for DIY but, when you need maintenance help, the professionals at POM Plumbing are here to help. Call us today if you need assistance. For more ingenious bathroom cleaning solutions, check out our blog!

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